How To Remove A Value From C++ Vectors (Value Based Remove)

Hi guys, if you are working with vectors in CPP you may require some usage of vectors. For example removing a value from vector is some of them. In CPP vectors, there are two delete method.  One of them erase other is remove.  When you wanted to use "erase" you should consider "erase function only takes pointer" of the value. For example I have a vector like this: vector<string> blogkafem = {"h", "e", "l", "l", "o"}; If I decide to use erase function, at first I should get address of the value with pointer. For using pointers in vectors you should use begin() function. What does begin() function? It takes pointer value of the first element in the vector. After you get first element of the vector, you can discover other vectors easily. Let's do it! vector::<string>iterator iteratorOfVector = blogkafem.begin(); "iteratorOfVector" is a pointer. If you want to print it with "cout" you

PHP Yii Framwork Autocomplete Widget Code

As you know, Yii 1.1 is deprecated. However, There is some old sites that I am seeing still using Yii 1.1 framework. Many years ago I used this autocomplete code in Yii 1.1 framework. Today, I found it in my old work notes and I decided to share it in to the web. It was working well on Yii 1.1 version but, I did not test it in newer versions of Yii Framework. But, it is worth to try it. Because it is a Yii Framework widget and It can work in your project. I hope, It would be usefull. Enjoy it :) $this->widget('zii.widgets.jui.CJuiAutoComplete',array( 'name'=>'s', 'source'=>new CJavaScriptExpression( 'function(request,response) { var tags = '.CJavaScript::encode($zipcodeList).'; var term = $.ui.autocomplete.escapeRegex(request.term); var matcher = new RegExp("^&quo

How Did I Solve Wifi Problem On Ubuntu 16.04 For Lenovo Z580

All problems started after I update my Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and wifi driver has gone.  I spent so many times to solve this problem. Actually there is no problem. There is  driver more than one. After I update Ubuntu I realized, update that I did, installs an other driver of broadcam. That new wifi driver installation caused the wifi problem. As the result, all you need this command : sudo apt purge bcmwl-kernel-source That command will remove broadcam installation which had been installed by update. Lastly... Reboot your system : sudo reboot That's it. Now, Everything could be okay. This method solved to my problem. I hope, it will also be useful for you.

How To Solve Class Not Found Problem in OMNeT++

If you are new to Omnet, it is possible to do some mistakes when you are coding your first program. I used to TOSSIM for some months, then I have started to use Omnet. When I am coding my first program on Omnet, I got this problem at first start to simulating code : Error in module (omnetpp::cModule) ag (id=1) during network setup: Class "blogkafem" not found -- perhaps its code was not linked in, or the class wasn't registered with Register_Class(), or in the case of modules and channels, with Define_Module()/Define_Channel(). At first you suppose this problem caused by linked problem of Eclipse ( it is avaible and default omnet editor ). Almost, all of the web sites are focusing on this sitution to solve this problem ( you probably know, if you had searched on google ). This approach is prettym much correct. In this article, I focused an other reason which is caused this problem. For example, we assume, our code is like this in the .NED file: simple blog

OMNeT Installation Problems And Solutions in Ubuntu

When I am trying to install Omnet++ 5.3 on Ubuntu 16.04 After I type " make " on terminal, I was getting this errors : In function ‘intpar_t omnetpp::safeAdd(intpar_t, intpar_t)’: error: ‘__builtin_add_overflow’ was not declared in this scope if (__builtin_add_overflow(a, b, &res)) ^ In function ‘intpar_t omnetpp::safeMul(intpar_t, intpar_t)’: error: ‘__builtin_mul_overflow’ was not declared in this scope if (__builtin_mul_overflow(a, b, &res)) ^ Makefile:100: recipe for target '/opt/omnetpp-5.3/out/gcc-release/src/sim/cdynamicexpression.o' failed make[2]: *** [/opt/omnetpp-5.3/out/gcc-release/src/sim/cdynamicexpression.o] Error 1 make[2]: *** Bitmemiş işler için bekliyor.... Makefile:117: recipe for target 'sim' failed make[1]: *** [sim] Error 2 Makefile:28: recipe for target 'allmodes' failed make: *** [allmodes] Error 2

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Hi all. I am Ali Arslan. I am an computer engineer. I have blog page. Its name is Blogkafem. I have been writing for ten years. I wrote first article 3th January 2008. I am Turkish and I live in Turkey. Thats way I am writing in my blog with Turkish. One day, I wanted to write my blog articles with English language. So that I considered to publish English Edition. My English is not perfect for now. But I think it will be better in the future. Sorry in advance, If I write with wrong English gramer in this blog. See you!